Call to Action - West Virginia Legislation

West Virginia families - we need your help!

In West Virginia, Senate Bill 526 is being introduced to amend existing legislation to provide insurance coverage for amino acid-based elemental formulas for children with certain medical diagnoses. This proposed legislation would cover medical nutrition for FPIES, EGIDS, short bowel syndrome, and IgE and non-IgE mediated allergies to multiple food proteins regardless of method of delivery. Currently in the state, insurance companies are not required to cover this formula unless it is delivered through a feeding tube, even if the child is able to drink the formula orally. Medicaid and WIC cover these formulas in West Virginia, however, private insurance does not. We are asking West Virginia residents to contact their state Representatives and Senators to encourage support of SB 526. Thank you for your support!

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Sample letter template:

Dear XYZ,

I would like to extend my support for SB 526 on behalf of Children’s Milk Allergy and Gastrointestinal Coalition (MAGIC) US and ask for yours.

Senate Bill 526 provides coverage for amino acid-based elemental formulas for children with a medical diagnosis of immunoglobulin E and nonimmunoglobulin E mediated allergies to multiple food proteins, food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome, eosinophilic disorders, and impaired absorption of nutrients caused by disorders affecting the absorptive surface, functional length, and motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Amino acid-based elemental formulas are made of proteins broken down to their “elemental level” so that the children can easily absorb and digest the protein. These formulas are classified as Drugs under the Federal Orphan Drug act. They are vital to the healthy development, and in some cases, even survival, of West Virginia children. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not required to cover the medically necessary formula and often don’t unless that formula is delivered through an invasive feeding tube, even when the child can and will drink formula from a cup or bottle.
Currently, Medicaid and WIC cover these formulas; however, private insurance does not. Children in families at the margins of the economic spectrum, both poor and rich, can maintain a nutritious and life-sustaining diet while alleviating their allergies and digestive problems either through personal wealth or state health services. However, middle and working class families, the overwhelming majority, are severely left behind. This is the target group that SB 526 aims to help.

Senate Bill 526 will provide children amino acid-based elemental formulas no matter the delivery method, oral or by feeding tube, so they can receive the life sustaining nutrients they need in order to live a healthy full life. Your support for SB 526 will be truly appreciated.


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