Formula Assistance

Need a helping hand? We can help!

The economic, emotional and physical toll on American families with children in need of medical nutrition is substantial and often devastating. Unfortunately, all too often insurance does not cover the high cost of medical nutrition formula.

That's why our sister organization, Children's Medical Nutrition Alliance (CMNuA) is a 501c3 non-profit, has the Funding Food and Families program. Launched in June of 2015, The Fund provides immediate emergency relief in the form of medical nutrition, diapers and certain medically related expenses. Through The Fund, any minor child with a physician-documented need for medical nutrition who is unable to pay for medical nutrition or receive reimbursement from any third-party payers may receive up to ten cases of formula per year free of charge from CMNuA. Additionally those same individuals and their families may apply for and receive diapers and assistance with non-covered medically related expenses for parents or guardians who need to travel out of town with their affected child for treatment or testing related to the condition that necessitates the medical nutrition.

CMNuA's guidelines are not based on federal poverty guidelines, and most families who apply are eligible to receive assistance in some way. You can learn more about The Fund here!

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